Your registration must be completed correctly to carry out your order and to get a tax certificate. You can change you details anytime. Your username and password must be kept safely. With your costumer account you might get some discounts and benefits in future in well-prepared costumer system

Selection of items


You find or choose items by browsing through sections and through all the items (on the left side menu you choose a particular section or sub-section) or you can use searching.

Items search


Full-text searching operates with the whole text and browses our website. Searching is situated in the centre on the left side.

Dropping items into the basket


Once you have chosen items, press the button ADD TO BASKET. When you want to login into basket you need to press the button in the top right corner BASKET. You can change the number of items or remove items.

Dispatching the order


Once you have added items into basket, you press the button BASKET. If you have finished shopping you need to press the button CONTINUE. Your personal data from registration e.g. name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail will match with your order. You need to give 2 addresses (delivery, invoice address). By pressing the button TO STORE you will become our costumer and we do our best to satisfy you.

Checking your order


If you completed the order you can check the situation when you login into the shop. You need to press the button "YOUR PROFIL - ORDERS" right on the top.



You can add a short note to every order you make to notice your specific request or wish with this particular order.

After completing the order


Once you have completed the order we do our best. You will receive an order copy on you e-mail that was given during the registration. If you do not receive this e-mail, you either have not completed your order correctly or you have given incorrect e-mail.

Items delivery


Delivery hours are between 8:00-16:00 depending where you live. More information about delivery services you find in section delivery.

Personal collection


Once your order is confirmed by e-mail or phone, opening hours in our shop are 9:00-16:00 at the address:
Zenone, s.r.o.
Cejl 72
602 00 Brno




If you need help please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail on ,

or give us a call on
+420 541249116