• The costumer is obliged to check through the items immediately after the items have been delivered and announce to the supplier any eventual found faults. The costumer needs to contact us via email or telephone number +420 541 249 116. .
  • During the claiming the costumer must send all the documents that were provided with the claim items e.g. an invoice, a certificate of guarantee etc.. The costumer must return the claim items as they were given.
  • If the return items are sent by post They need to be sent by recorded delivery with the insurance to the value of items.
  • The supplier after receiving the return items will process the claim immediately or make a report about the claim progression to the costumer.
  • Once you contact us according to a return goods we send you information about the next step (address of the nearest accredited service centre or address where you send the return items or you could bring the return items to our stoned salesroom). In case of the valid claim the costumer is entitled to get postage back in full. In case of the invalid claim the costumer is not entitled to get the costs back incurred by returning items and at the same time the supplier is not entitled to get the costs back (if it’s a repeatable unfounded claim from a costumer side it would be considered as abuse of power).
  • You could contact us on +420 541 249 116 we help you with your problem.
  • The supplier does not take any responsibility for damage because of using the items, unauthorized use or external events and incorrect pointerling. All those damages are not covered by warranty.