Introductory provisions


Terms & conditions below are valid for online purchase www.gazella.eu. Terms & conditions specify seller rights and duties (supplier) and buyer rights and duties (costumer).

Order and purchase agreement
  • The costumer acknowledges that incorrect or partial personal details might discredit supplier reputation and the costumer might be incurred to prosecution.
  • All orders are weighty purchases. If you would like to cancel your order for any reason you need to inform us without delays to discontinue your order in time. Placing the order the costumer gives his consent with those terms & conditions including Returns policy.
  • The order is a base (draft) for purchase agreement. Purchase agreement sets in when the costumer takes the ordered items over at the address given in a registration form.
  • The costumer must register online before making the order. The costumer agrees that all details are faithful and valid. The costumer agrees that the supplier can collect and archive costumer data and his orders.
  • The supplier has right to verify data given in the registration form before the supplier supplies the ordered items.
  • In case giving incorrect and incomplete data in the registration form the supplier can be misled. As a result the items might not be delivered. The costs resulting incorrect order (packaging, wasting delivery to the address and back) will be claimed from the costumer.
  • In case giving untrue data in the registration form (e.g. place of delivery, name, contact address and telephone number) might harm the company name www.gazella.eu, the costumer might be prosecuted for harming the company name and its reputation.
  • The supplier agrees to protect all personal data provided in the registration form. Provided data will be used only for supplier demand according to personal data security law.
  • The items will be owned by the costumer only in case paying prearranged purchase price and at the moment of taking items over at the costumer address.
  • In case you would like to cancel your order you need to contact us immediately on the telephone number +420 541 249 116 or via email info@gazella.cz .
  • The price for each item is given for each item separately and it is given in the order.
  • All prices in the shop are final including VAT 21% and recycle tax PHE.


The name of item and its details are given for each item.



Gazella.cz makes the best to keep stable prices for all items. The prices for most items are always stable and if there is a price discount the costumer will be informed in advance even in case the costumer has already ordered the item for standard price. In case the ordered item has increased in price the costumer will be informed about it immediately and the costumer can decide if He wants the order to be processed or not.



Once the order is completed a order copy will be sent into your e-mail. If you do not receive this e-mail you might have given an incorrect e-mail address or you have not completed the ordering correctly.

  • In case the order will be above 200 Eur we will confirm the order by phone.
  • After confirmation the order will be processed.
  • Currently you are able to pay by bank transfer for account of Fio bank number:
    IBAN: CZ7520100000002500385102,
     Bank address: Fio Banka a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, 117 21 Praha 1, Czech Republic
  • When you choose to pay by bank transfer the costumer receive information to the e-mail (given at registration). In terms of given information the costumer will make a payment by bank transfer. You need to give “variable symbol” which identify the payment.
  • The items will be delivered after the supplier account is credited.
  • If the items are sent to the costumer address we will charge the costumer delivery and packaging : Slovak republic: 8,80 EUR, bigger items 14 EUR, European Union 14EUR (depending on country and weight of package)
  • The delivery fee can be adjusted by the distance of the country the goods are dispatched to.
  • If we have the items in stock, we will send them to the costumer address at latest 2 working days after we received the payment.
  • All the items we dispatch by Czech post (unless provided otherwise) are to be received within 5 working days depending on the country of destination.
  • If the items are not in stock, we will inform the costumer immediately by e-mail or phone.
  • The packages will be sent by shipping company Czech post.
  • Guarantee is valid when the costumer receives the items.
  • Guarantee for all the items follows law No.136/2005 Sb.. Unless provided otherwise the guarantee is for 2 years. If the item has a certificate of guarantee is displayed at the day the costumer pay for the item. If there is not a certificate of guarantee, a tax certificate is considered as a certificate of guarantee.
  • The costumer will receive a certificate of guarantee or a tax certificate together with the ordered items.
  • Guarantee is not valid for the worn items (or their parts) because of using. In this case shorter item life time will not be considered as a fault and can not be claimed.
  • The costumer has the right to rescind the contract in case that the supplier fails to accomplish all delivery terms.
  • The costumer who does not buy the items for his business purpose, has a right according to civil code § 53, par. 7 a § 54 to rescind the contract up to 14 days since the delivery has been completed.


The supplier has the right to rescind the contract to the moment of sending items and only in case of no availability of items or large alteration of item price. Before rescinding the supplier agrees to contact the costumer to discuss the next action.

  • In case rescinding the contract the contract will be canceled and the costumer will refund all the costs to the supplier or the supplier will refund all the costs to the costumer.
  • If the costumer would like to rescind the contract, the costumer must inform the supplier either by phone on phone number: +420 541 249 116, by online contact form or by post. It needs to be given an order number, variable symbol, purchase date and provide purchase certificate.
  • If the costumer has already received and taken over the items, the costumer will send the items back to the supplier shop without using or wearing them in the original packaging. The supplier will consider the return item condition immediately.
  • If the items have been returned damaged, the costumer must refund the costs relating to the item damage (partial return item, damaged packaging, worn out items etc.)

The supplier in case rescinding must refund the money or part of the money for the items that have been already paid by the costumer. Purchase price or the part of it will be paid to the costumer as soon as possible, at latest 30 days after returning items.